Aug 23, 2009

New Pochade Box / Neuer Malkasten

Here are some pictures of the new pochade box I started using this weekend. I built it by myself from instructions found here: (Thanks, Jim!)
It was very easy to build, has more space than the small cigar box I have been using thus far (bought at ebay), and with the flatter mixing area I can finally do some knife painting. I put a piece of plexiglass in the mixing area, for easier cleanup. It doesn't hold any tubes of paint, but those are carried with all the other stuff in my big bag, anyway. After a test drive of the recent 4 paintings this weekend I am very pleased with it. I also made the wet panel carrier a few weeks ago, similar to the one in the instructions.
Hier sind ein paar Photos meines neuen Malkastens, den ich mir selber gebaut habe nach diesen Instruktionen
Er ist ein bisschen groesser als die Zigarrenkiste, die ich bisher benutzt habe (von ebay gekauft), und dank der flachen Konstruktion kann ich nun auch Spachtelgemaelde herstellen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit, und habe mir auch vor einiger Zeit die Schachtel gebaut, womit man nasse Gemaelde heimtransportieren kann.


jimserrettstudio said...

I must say it really made my day to see your Pochade Box and the work you have produced with it.
I posted those instructions on my site and couple of art forums. I've received a huge response from them.
But you are the first actual finished kit I've seen.
Very nice job, and nice paint work.
The piece "side by side" is a stunner.
Jim S.

Ruth Squitieri said...

Thank you, Jim.
And thanks for the generous instructions, I really had fun building the box, and now even more fun using it. It is very practical and easy to use. Happy painting! Ruth