Feb 26, 2009


I just rummaged through my photos, and discovered that I forgot to add my folk art painting. All these items are still in  my parents' home in Germany. I painted those with templates and freehand when I was 15. This is the folk art typical for the Southern German region. Birds, flowers, baskets - happiness.
Einige Beispiele von meiner Bauernmalerei in meinem Elternhaus, die ich alle mit 15 Jahren gemalt habe.

At the marina

Had about an hour to kill in the afternoon, so I went to the marina in Daytona Beach, and there were just way too many boats. I decided on this one, but the sun was in and out, and then setting, so the lighting is really messed up. Also the palms are too big. Oh well, live and learn. At least I painted again - after about 1 month of no painting! Oil on masonite, 8x10. 30 mins.
Im Hafen von Daytona Beach, etwa eine halbe Stunde. Das Wetter war nicht das beste, mit und ohne Sonne, und die Palmen sind ein bisschen zu gross. Naja, wenigstens habe ich was gemalt!