Dec 13, 2017

New Classes coming Jan 2018!

Hello everybody!

Let's get the new year off to a great start of learning and exploring! I am scheduling 2 new classes starting early January at the Artists Workshop Studios. (map here)

On Monday afternoons, I will be offering Pen and Ink with Calligraphy and Goldleafing.

On Thursday mornings, I will be offering a "Beginner's Class to Art", introducing the most popular painting media and techniques.

Please read the summary of what to expect and details on time and cost below. You can also find the details on my website by clicking here.

MONDAY PM: Pen and Ink Class with Calligraphy and Goldleafing

starting Mon, Jan 8, 2018, 1-4pm at the Artists Workshop Studios
(members $80, non-members $95 per 6-week session)

In this class we will be exploring the exciting small pieces of art we can create with simple tools and materials. Pen and ink, colored with a wash of any water media, will capture sweet little scenes anywhere - and keep you in practice! In addition we will embellish our pieces with text by using simple calligraphy, and if there is interest, I will also introduce you to the wonderful technique of goldleafing to add that extra sparkle to any artwork!

Bring reference photos of what you want to sketch or choose from the assortment I will bring along.

Minimal art supplies needed:
-Pencil and eraser
-Pen, calligraphy pen, ink pen, microliner or similar
-Mixed media paper or sturdy card stock
-Your favorite water media: watercolor, acrylics or gouache
I will incorporate calligraphy and goldleafing depending on interest from the body of the class. I will provide all goldleafing supplies so you don't have to go to the expense of buying everything just to try it out. Doing the goldleafing will be an extra $10 per student.

THURSDAY AM: Beginners Class: The Basics of Painting

starting Thu, Jan 11, 2018, 9:30am-12:30pm at the Artists Workshop Studios
(members $80, non-members $95 per 6-week session)
This class will be two 6-week sessions consecutively, plus a $55 materials fee.

An introduction to the most popular media and their techniques and materials
If you have decided to make art a part of your life, but don't know where to start or which technique would best suit your lifestyle and temperament, this is the class for you! To go thru all 6 media will require the time of 12 sessions. Each session is 3 hours. The cost for the instruction is $160 ($190 for non-AWI members) plus $55 for all materials and tools. You will have to buy nothing up front. If you already have some art materials, please bring them along so we can compare and evaluate what else might be needed.

We will start with pencil and graphite sketching, then explore some colored pencil and pastel drawing. As a third technique we will continue with pen and ink drawing. Adding a gradated wash in ink, we will naturally progress to watercolor. We then will spend a couple of sessions trying out acrylics and oils. Each student should be able to go home with a completed small piece of art in each of the 6 most common media:
1. Pencil/Graphite
2. Colored Pencil/Pastel
3. Pen and Ink/Ink Wash
4. Watercolor
5. Acrylics
6. Oils
But the most important thing is that you will gain a broader knowledge of techniques and materials and can make a better decision in what would suit YOU to take up as a hobby!

These explorations in chunks of about 1-3 sessions (each session is 3 hours) in each medium will give you a good idea what you like and what would suit your life and ultimate goals of creating.
I will give you advice and tips of what to purchase, what is necessary and what you can do without, with links and recommendations as to further exploration via internet, books, and artists' newsletters.

Sample of Pencil/Graphite

Sample of Pen & Ink with Wash

Sample of Watercolor
To see the scene in the other media, you just have to take the class!
To sign up for either class or both, please send me an email or call me direct. Please also feel free to pass along this info to anybody who you think might be interested in joining us!
Ruth Squitieri
call 386-451-6857
email to