May 16, 2014

Deleon Springs art festival, Disappearing Island, and Copperhill, TN

Lots happened in the last month.
Viel passiert im letzten Monat.

Early April I was asked again to be one of the judges for the Deleon Springs Art Festival, which was, as usual, very charming. The community there is so nice! Jan Obendorfer, my fellow artist/judge, and I gave away 3 awards to some very deserving artists, one who made awesome handstitched quilts, another who created very detailed drawings of homes and gardens, and another with really cute birdhouses.
Im fruehen April wurde ich wieder eingeladen, also Juror beim Deleon Springs Kunstfestival teilzunehmen. Es war wieder ganz toll, und wir gaben 3 Preise an sehr verdienende Kuenstler aus.

I actually designed and printed this welcoming banner at the shop in DeBary, where I work, at the awesome Graphic Source!

Jan, one of the winners, festival organizer Amy, and me

Then about 2 weeks ago we went with our friends to Disappearing Island in New Smyrna Beach, where I painted a "portrait" of their boat. I will touch it up a bit more at home, before giving it to them. They really liked it!
Vor 2 Wochen luden uns Freunde ein, mit ihrem Boot zur "Verschwindenden Insel" in New Smyrna Beach zu fahren, wo ich dann ihr Boot auf die Leinwand bannte, da das Meer mir noch viel zu kalt war. Ich werde noch ein bisschen auftuschieren, bevor ich es ihnen gebe, doch sie waren sehr happy damit!
A big audience of little girls. Ein grosse Publikum von kleinen Maedchen.

Floridays, oil on masonite, 10"x8"

The last weekend Austin and I took my teenagers to a whitewater rafting trip to the triangle of TN, GA and NC in Copperhill, TN. We braved the raging waters, which was so much fun, and also went horseback riding through the woods. I spent an hour one morning to paint a scene with the nice Blueridge Mountains being lit by the morning sun through the rising fog. The painting turned our really nice, and I felt the mini-vacation was complete.
Letztes Wochenende fuhren Austin und ich mit meinen Teenagers auf einen Whitewater Rafting Trip nach Tennesse, wo wir neben dem Fluss-Schnellen-Fahren auch einen tollen Ritt durch den Wald machten, hoch zu Ross. Ich konnte eine gute Stunde an einem Morgen damit verbringen, den Nebel einzufangen, der ueber der Wiese lag.

Fog on the meadow, oil on masonite, 10"x8"

Til next time, yours, Ruth
Bis spaeter dann, Euere Ruth