Aug 23, 2009

At Ponce Inlet

This morning in Ponce Inlet, across from the lighthouse. The sun was raking across this small shed behind a tourist shop, with a vast expanse of empty parking lot in front. 8x10, oil on masonite. $300.
Heute morgen in Ponce Inlet, ein kleiner Schuppen mit tollen Schattenspielen, gegenueber vom Leuchtturm. 20x25cm, Oel auf Pressbord.


Kelli said...

One of my favorite places on earth! I stayed in Ponce Inlet for a few weeks last year. Climbing that lighthouse was one of the most painful but wonderful experiences of my life!

Ruth said...

Thanks Kelli.
Yes, there are so many wonderful subjects just at that intersection, I will revisit it many more times! Gotta paint that lighthouse again, too!