Jul 14, 2015

I love Gouache!

I have tried something new while on vacation, and I absolutely love it!
Ich habe was neues ausprobiert, und finde es ganz toll!

Hotel Lobby in Savannah GA
black and white only, first sketch to try out this new medium

I am an avid reader of James Gurney's blog and he constantly does these amazing little sketches in gouache (which can be handled opaquely and also transparently). So I bought some supplies and tried my little 5"x8" watercolor paper sketch pad along with Holbein little gouache paints and small watercolor brushes while on vacation in Savannah, GA and Myrtle Beach, SC last week.
Ich lese gerne James Gurney's blog und er malt dauernd diese tollen Skizzen mit Gouache (professionale Posterfarbe), mit der man opaque und durchsichtig malen kann. Ich kaufte mir einige kleinen Tuben und Pinsel und Skizzierblock, und konnte damit einige Stunden im Urlaub verbringen. 

I absolutely love this new medium, it's very forgiving, you can cover previous layers very quickly, and it looks awesome with all the little details you can add. Water will revive the paint again, even after it's dry, so that was something new to me, but altogether, very nice to paint with.
Ich finde dieses neue Medium total toll, es vergibt viel, da man ueber fruehere Schichten schoen druebermalen kann, und das Endergebnis einfach toll aussieht und man viele Details zufuegen kann.

Hotel Swimming pool with bar, Myrtle Beach, SC
painted on location while the kids were swimming

Riverwalk in Savannah, GA
painted from photo on cell phone

Til later, happy painting, yours - Ruth
Bis spaeter dann, Euere Ruth

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