Jul 3, 2009

In New Smryna Beach

Every time I drive to New Smyrna Beach I tell myself I have to paint this house. Aside from the great architecture there is this wonderful bougainvillea winding itself up to the balcony, it's spectacular. Today was the day! I found a shady place in the park by the fort and finished this in about 1-1/2 hours. The sun was hiding behind clouds once in a while, making it a bit difficult. I found out that it's an apartment house now, but supposedly is one of the oldest houses in NSB, and was the home of the keeper of the fort (according to the guy who spotted me across the street and had just moved in - thanks for the info!). When I brought it home I discovered some spots that need re-finishing, so no close up of the final yet. I have to get ready for my exhibit tonight! Hope to see you on Beach Street in Daytona!
Jedes Mal wenn ich in New Smyrna Beach bin, schwoere ich mir, dieses wunderfulle Haus mit dem schoenen Bougainvillea-Busch zu malen. Heute war der grosse Tag! Waehrend ich malte, kam ein Mieter dieses Hauses vorbei und erzaehlte mir, dass dies eines der aeltesten Haueser in NSB sei, und zu dem naheliegenden Fort gehoerte. Leider kann ich noch nicht das Gemaelde in voller Ansicht zeigen, da ich entdeckt habe, dass ich einige Stellen ein bisschen verbessern muss. Ausserdem muss ich mich jetzt fuer meine Ausstellung heute abend fertigmachen! Bis bald!

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