Sep 25, 2012

My DEMO next week! and Canaveral paintout coming up soon!

Hello all!
I wanted to invite you all to join me at the monthly members meeting at the Artists Workshop in NSB next Wednesday (directions here). The meeting begins with a social at 6:30pm followed by a brief business meeting and then my demo for about an hour to an hour and a half. It should be all wrapped up by 9pm. I will paint a painting in front of everybody, and answer any questions. This should create interest for my workshop scheduled for Fri/Sat Oct 13 and 14, and if you are wondering if you should sign up, come on out and check out my painting and teaching style. I am very excited and would love to see your familiar faces if you can make it. Public is welcome, and you can also learn about the nice programs the Artists Workshop offers.

About the upcoming Paintout at Canaveral Seashore
I highlighted the most interesting parts, my demo included ;-)
There are a great many demos from wonderful artists, try to check out some of them!

2012 Paint Out... Artists At a Glance
October 20th – 28th, 2012  
Monday, Oct. 22nd
8:30a             WSBB to broadcast
9:00a              Mayor’s Welcome  @ Eldora State House/Reception
10a-12p         Demo by 2012 Paint Out Master Artist Elizabeth ‘Sissie’ Barr
1p-3p              Middle School Art Students Paint in the Park                                               
9a- 5p             Wet Room Gallery @ Eldora House…Public Welcome!
Tuesday, Oct. 23st
Artists Paint in the Park – Dawn to Dusk                  
10a-12p           Artists Demo – Elaine Hahn, Achieving a Harmonious Painting
1p-3p               Artists Demo – Barbara Perrotti, Model in Sunlight, Leeper House
9a – 5p            Wet Room Gallery @ Eldora House…Public Welcome!
Wednesday, Oct 24th
Artist Paint in NSB Waterfront LOOP – Dawn to Dusk
10a-12p            Artist Demo – Charles Dickinson, Boat With Palette Knife, City Marina
1p-3p                Artist Demo – Ruth Vines, The Urban Landscape, at Island Collections on Flager, 
                           across from Clancy's 
7p – 9p             Artists Reception @ Arts on Douglas…Public Welcome
10a-5p             Wet Room Gallery @ The Hub on Canal… Public Welcome!
Thursday, Oct. 25th
Artist Paint in NSB Waterfront LOOP – Dawn to Dusk
10a-12p            Artists Demo – Linda Blondheim, Clouds & Sky, Flagler Pavilion
1p-3p                Demo by Southern Paint – Creating the Palette, Island Collection
5ish-9p             Sunset Paint Out  & Auction @ JB’s Fish Camp  
10a-4p             Wet Room Gallery @ The Hub on Canal… Public Welcome
Friday, Oct. 26th
Artist Paint in the Park – Dawn to Dusk
10a-12p            Artist Demo – Morgan Samuel Price, Oaks & Palms + the Color Green, Eldora
1p-3p                Artists Demo – Trish Vevera, Abstracting the Landscape, Leeper House
9a-5p                Wet Room Gallery @ Eldora House Public Welcome
Saturday, Oct 27th
Artists Paint in the Park – Dawn until Noon
4:30-5:30p        Patron Pre-Gala Festivities (invitational)
6p-8p                 Gala & Plein Air Art Sale
9a-end                  Wet Room Gallery @ Eldora House Open to the Public

If you have ANY questions about these events, please feel free to email me at These are great events, and please try to make an effort to be at the Sunset paintout. It was supercrowded last year, with all 27 artists painting in the parking lot around and in the restaurant. You can see and visit everybody within that evening!

On the bottom of the website for Canaveral Seashore is a direct link to my blog, where you can read my postings from last year's paintout (

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