Apr 2, 2014

Epcot 2014, more painting stuff

Me again!
I photographed the large knife painting, see below. Unfortunately the colors are a bit off, and you can't really see the thick texture, so I'm showing a small detail of it.
Ich nochmal, unten mein beendetes Gemaelde mit dem Palettenmesser (Spachtel). Leider sind die Farben im fertigen Photo nicht korrect, das Detail links ist die richtige Farbe und zeigt die dicke Farbe.

Left Top: My underpainting/drawing with a brush in burnt sienna
Left Bottom: Starting with color with the palette knife
Middle: Finished painting
Right: Detail to show texture

Usual steps in creating my paintings:
Top: Underpainting in burnt sienna. I rather use values than lines. This makes the process quicker because it's easier to judge if all placement is correct and the darks and lights are playing well off each other.
Middle: Starting with color, pretty much overall development. Establishing the direction of the sun right away and the strongest shadows, as those make or break a painting.
Bottom: Final piece. The sun had moved considerably by this time, but I did not need to worry, because of my accurate underdrawing.

Obig mein normaler Mal-Prozess mit dem Pinsel, was viel effektiver und einfacher ist, und auch wirklich das Licht einfangen laesst.

Bye/Tschuess, Ruth

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