Apr 1, 2014

Epcot March 2014

Hello everybody
I can't believe it's been almost 5 months since my last painting! I had been invited to paint at Epcot again for their Art In The Garden portion of the Flower and Garden Festival. Many of the other 15 artists from last year participated again and it was nice to chitchat with them after so long.
Hallo an alle!
Es ist kaum zu glauben, aber es ist schon 5 Monate seit meinem letzten Plein Air Gemaelde! Ich war wieder in Epcot eingeladen zum Art In the Garden beim Flower and Garden Festival. Viele der 16 Kuenstler kannte ich von anderen Events und auch von letztem Jahr.

I was stationed in France this time, and had decided to paint fewer, but larger pieces. Altogether I did one per day, two at 11x14, and one at 16x20 with a knife which was very long-winded and exhausting. I won't do that again. When you paint with the palette knife, the colors stay pure and you get lots of texture, but you also can't develop the painting all over, you need to do it section by section, which is not my preferred method. By the time I was halfway done with the knife painting I hated it - but I stuck to it!
Diesesmal war ich in Frankreich, und entschied mich, weniger, aber groessere Gemaelde zu malen. Ich malte zwei in der Groesse 27cm x 35cm, und eines 40cm x 50cm, mit dem Palettenmesser, was ich jedoch nie wieder machen werde, denn es dauerte ewig, war total gegen meine normale Malweise, und kam viel zu schmalzig heraus.

Setting up at my first location in France

This year my kids could visit with me, and they also had a good time riding the rides and seeing firsthand what happens on a paintout.
Dieses Jahr konnten endlich mal meine Kinder auch alles hautnah miterleben, und neben den Fahrten auch sehen, was ich da immer an diesen Events mache.

Billy and Kirsten with me at the hotel. 
Meine Kinder Billy und Kirsten mit mir vor'm Hotel.

The weather was good on Friday, miserable on Saturday (we got rained out with storm and tornado warnings for most of the afternoon, and had to go back chilly and wet from the rain), and absolutely gorgeous on Sunday. So we had pretty much everything.
Lots of nice people again and great conversations with the other artists during lunch and with the Epcot visitors.
Das Wetter am Freitag war okay, total miserabel am Samstag mit Regen und Tornado Warnung am Mittag, und dann absolut toll und herrlich und sonnig am Sonntag. Also ziemlich alles wurde angeboten. Wir trafen wieder viele nette Leute und hatten schoene Small Talks mit den anderen Kuenstlern und den Epcot Besuchern.

Ads in the Park  11"x14"  oil on masonite

Painting at the bridge that leads to Great Britain.

Crossing into Spring, 14"x11", oil on masonite

Below is me with the heavy handed knife painting, my second ever largest painting at 16"x20"! It took me 2 afternoons. It was quite detailed, and got lots of comments, but I definitely prefer the brush! I will post that one when I get it in a better light this week.
Unten bin ich am Malen mit dem Palettenmesser, eines meiner groessten Gemaelde draussen, dauerte 2 Nachmittage, um es fertigzustellen. Es brachte viele positive Kommentare, aber ich bevorzuge auf jeden Fall die Pinsel! Ich werde es diese Woche photographieren und dann postieren.

Thanks for your interest, I always look forward to hearing from you. Til next time
Danke fuer euer Interesse und Kommentare. Bis naechstes Mal

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