Sep 7, 2016

Feedback and important lesson points

Here's a quick summary of some key points from the class I taught.

What I wanted to get across:
A good composition and a good pattern of light and dark is the foundation of a good painting! Details are just the highlights at the end! Don't rush into laying down color on the canvas - you need to first spend a couple of minutes thinking about the composition and value pattern - it's worth it!
You don't need to be an expert in perspective to get the key points right. Determine your horizon level and some of the vanishing points, remember where all the lines are heading, and it will make your viewing point more convincing and correct.

Audrey S.
This workshop was excellent!  I learned some things I could immediately put into use.  It was obvious that Ruth cared that her students learned what she was teaching.   Her style of instructing was such that I felt comfortable, relaxed and confident that I’d be taking home some good information.  I’m thankful for the experience.  Ruth is a pleasure! 
Your classes have been excellent.  I really enjoyed them and feel like I got a lot out of them.  I was wondering if you had time next week for a private lesson.  Your description of other classes is exactly what I’ve experienced  (I really hope that I taught more than just "paint like me, and then you have ONE nice painting", but then when you start your next painting, you will be lost.).  Yours was more helpful than all the others I’ve had put together.I really appreciate it and I look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

Georgia J.
Can not believe that I thought for years that flat brushes weren't for me and that a notan wasn't that important. thank you  Also I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and patience. Doing a demo was very helpful!! Best to you in your art career!

Bethany B.
Your class was fun!  Something I learned was how to apply oil paint in an impressionistic way for interesting skies and water!  Thank you Ruth! 

Joanna M.
I really enjoyed your class at the Artists' Workshop.  Obviously I learned quite a lot about 
getting the perspective correct and about really making sure the composition works.  I now see that there are many great photos that simply will not make a good painting - so, I liked your question "Why do you want to paint this?".
 For me, however, the biggest learning point was really understanding  that you need to do the quick sketch and then the notan so that the dark/light values are in place.  I always tend to just jump into the painting without taking the time to think it out.  I am already seeing a difference in the composition as I am completing my painting I started of the little cottage.  Yes, I really like my greens now that I am mixing and not using just sap green and thalo green from the tube! I don't know that you could change much about the class.  If it is longer than 4 sessions you might have to not specifically do composition and perspective but rather just do students individually painting with your assistance.  You might also possibly do a plein air class that is 2 or 3 days.  I personally liked the 4 session class with the specific topic. Thanks so much for your time and comments during the class.  I will see you at the Paint Out in October!

Audrey R.
I was hoping at some time I could get together with you on a 1:1 for a few hours.  I would like to talk to you more about composition.  Is this possible? You explain things in such a way that resonates with me.  Thanks.

Thanks to all my students, it was fun!

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