Oct 2, 2016

Canaveral Paintout 2016

Hello! I was very busy the last 3 weeks which I'll talk about in a later post, but here is an announcement for the
Canaveral Seashore Plein Air Paint Out
on Oct 3-8 

There will be about 25 artists from all over the United States painting in our local region (the park at Canaveral Seashore and in downtown New Smyrna Beach). There will be 2 formal artist demonstrations every day you can attend for free, and during the week you can find and watch the artists painting local sites. All paintings will be taken immediately from the easel and hung at the Paintout Gallery at the Artist Workshop studios on Barracuda Drive in New Smyrna Beach. So by the end of the week, there will be hundreds of works of art depicting the local area - be sure to stop by and view them!

I am doing a demo on Tuesday morning Oct 4, at the Historic Museum on Sams Ave in NSB. Please stop by and say hello and watch me explain composition and perspective while painting a demo piece in oil.
This is a great local event, and you can be sure to learn a lot and just immerse yourself in great art by watching the artists paint on the spot, and viewing all the final pieces in the gallery. Hope to see you there!

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