Mar 12, 2012

Old High School

One of my first posts this year, and it's already March! I cannot believe it, but I had a lot going on the past months, and that will be my excuse for not painting. I had major remodeling done in our house, my job picked up with work, and there were a lot of other things going on.
Eines meiner ersten Berichte dieses Jahr, und es ist schon Maerz, du lieber Himmel! Wir hatten viel zu tun in den letzten Monated, Hausummodelierung, viel Arbeit in meinem Job, usw.

I joined the Artist's Workshop on invitation from my German friend Irene for a Open House celebration of the Marine Discovery Center in New Smyrna Beach on Saturday. There were plenty of other plein air artists, unfortunately we all had to set up in the back which looked onto a huge empty field with abandoned school buildings, and in the far distance the river with some marshes. Most artists painted the sky and wide open field.
Ich wurde von meiner dt. Malfreundin Irene eingeladen, mit anderen Kuenstlern das Open House fuer ein Marine-Zentrum in New Smyrna Beach zu beleben. Leider war die Aussicht, die wir hatten, nicht vielversprechend, obwohl viele der Kuenstler den bedeckten Himmel attackierten.

I pulled out a nice panel that already had the makings of a cloudy spring day, and I decided to make a moody painting of the old building with a sliver of blue sky that opened at the end of the session.
Ich hatte schon eine tolle Untermalung von Farben auf meiner Leinwand, die ich benutzte, um das trostlose alte Schulhaus einzufangen.

Old High School, NSB, 10"x8", oil on masonite

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