Feb 27, 2010

4th painting - Sigismund Kapelle

I did a lot of work on this one today, going from scrubbing in the shadows to adding color throughout. I like the muted colors, the reference photo I have is from late fall, so the colorization is very muted and quiet, with warm shadows and cool light. This little chapel sits on a hill in the village of Oberwittighausen, and is one of a couple in this area that are built in an octogon shape. The large linden tree is said to be 1000 years old, and was worshipped in olden times as a healing power for diseases. I did an extensive paper for my Abitur (to graduate from high school in Germany) about this chapel - wow, that was quite some time ago. I do remember I received an A on it ;-)
Heute habe ich grossen Fortschritt mit dem 4. Gemaelde gemacht, die 8-eckige Sigismund Kapelle in Oberwittighausen. Ich mag die etwas kuehleren and blassen Farben des Referenzphotos, das im spaeten Herbst aufgenommen wurde. Ich lasse die Bilder fuer sich selber sprechen... Fuer mein Abitur habe ich einen grossen Bericht ueber diese Kapelle geschrieben - wow, das war schon ziemlich lange her. Ich erinnere mich, dass ich 'ne Eins dafuer bekam ;-)

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