Oct 26, 2010

Gregg Kreutz Workshop - Day 1

I am in Mt. Dora this week for a 3-day workshop with artist Gregg Kreutz! It is such an honor, and he is the nicest, most humble, and personable teacher, while being a wonderful and gifted artist. We are about 7 students, and at the same time there is a plein air paintout going on. Please check out his website at www.greggkreutz.com
Diese Woche bin ich in Mt. Dora, um an einem Workshop mit Gregg Kreutz teilzunehmen. www.greggkreutz.com Er ist ein toller Lehrer und sehr talentierter Kuenstler. Er lehrt in der Student Art League in NYC. Ich denke, die Bilder sprechen fuer sich, und die wenigen Deutschen Leser, die echt am technischen Detail interessiert sind, koennen das Englische verstehen.... Tut mir leid, keine Uebersetzungen diesesmal. Ich habe jeden Tag 2 Bilder gemalt, waehrend Gregg 2 Demos am Tag gelehrt hat. Ich werde meine eigenen Gemaelde im 4. Blogpost zeigen, also Geduld...

Day One Gregg started with a demo in the morning, just setting up on the sidewalk and painting a street scene. With his gracious permission I am posting some of his progress shots, and some things we learned.
First Demo with some of us watching intently.

Gregg is a fast painter, and can (and will) make things up on the fly, and they always work! He blocks in on a slightly toned panel ("Innerglow" panels) with a papertowel and burnt sienna, just indicating anything that's not sky.

He then develops the main area and / or main colors, and just goes from there. Note that the sky goes from white+yellow to blue.

Above is the next step, big shapes going into detail. He has a finished painting in the first 30 minutes. He then fiddles around with a palette knife and smaller brushes to develop more details and little flecks of highlights (not shown here, he actually scraped this first demo down and painted over it on Day 3...).

After each demo, which lasted about 1-1.5 hours each, he let us loose and we painted, sometimes the same scene, sometimes any of the other great scenes around this lovely town.
I painted an alley way near the Arts Center in the morning, and then his same scene of the train station of the afternoon. I am very very pleased with both my efforts, which I am going to show in a separate blog post later...

In the afternoon he painted the train station, here are some of the shots.

Scene and Blockin

Sky and more painting...

Almost done..

And here is Gregg's final painting! Awesome...

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