Oct 27, 2010

My Workshop Paintings!

Okay, here I am showcasing the paintings I did during the Kreutz workshop. I completed 2 paintings per day, and only one was a dud (I'm not showing it!). I am very pleased with all my efforts, and let me tell you, it was a tour de force! Doing 2 paintings a day for 3 days is really exhausting. But also fun!!!!!
Hier sind die Gemaelde, die ich waehrend des Kreutz Workshop's angefertigt habe. 2 Gemaelde pro Tag, also sechs insgesamt, wovon nur eines nicht vorzeigbar ist. Ich bin total zufrieden mit was ich gelernt habe, und wieviel ich an den 3 Tagen gemalt habe. Es machte soviel Spass!

Morning Alley, 10"x8", oil on panel.
This was my first one, where I put to the test some of his techniques of blending the sky from yellow to blue, and focusing on one area of highlights.

Around The Bend, 10"x8", oil on panel
Painted in the afternoon of the first day, same spot as his demo.

After Gregg's 3rd demo I painted the famous Donelly house, which appears on probably hundreds of artists' canvases. I focused on the morning light hitting the front of the house. I went bigger than my usual canvas size this time. This was done in about one hour. I am again very pleased with it.
Donnelly Light, 11"x14", oil on panel

Day 3, morning effort, same spot as his demo painting.

Mt. Dora Marina, 11"x14", oil on panel

Lakeview Inn, 8"x10", oil on panel

Thanks, Sharon, for being my painting buddy. I had a great time with you, as usual. And thanks for being so brazen and playing city worker by moving a cone to a parking spot. Someone was trying to park in front of my alley scene as soon as I had my very first brush stroke in! It's always fun!


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ruth,
These pieces you did at the workshop came out great! Very good paintings indeed. Was just reading down about these workshops too...thanks for posting all of the pics from Greggs demos...very cool stuff. Bet you had a blast and you came away with some seriously good pieces. Bravo!

Ruth said...

Thanks Ron, so nice of you to comment! I really appreciate it, I love your work, too. Yes, it was a really great workshop, and Gregg is just such a good teacher. I learned a lot and it was well worth the money.