Oct 27, 2010

Gregg Kreutz Workshop - Day 3

Gregg started the last day at the marina with a demo of some boats sitting at the dock. It was quite breezy and warm, with the sun hiding periodically behind spectacular clouds. He painted on the board of the first demo that he had scraped down - we were all pretty upset, it was so nice ;-(

Gregg's final painting.

Afterwards he let us loose again and we painted till lunch, most of us staying at the marina, painting something similar, and after lunch we painted again, while he went around on his bicycle visiting everyone at their different spots and offering insight and critiques. All around it was an awesome learning experience, and if anybody has the chance, sign up for his workshops.

He said he was planning on doing a mixed workshop (still life, portrait and plein air) around Feb 2011 in Mt. Dora again. He also signed my book (Problem Solving for Oil Painters by Gregg Kreutz), which is an excellent book all around - I can only recommend it. In addition he let us read some excerpts from the new plein air book he is currently working on. Looks like a good one already! Thanks, Gregg!!!!!!

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